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SkyDRONE SkyX KILLER 5inch Frame with BRIDE canopy(South America Only)



※コチラは海外発送商品となります。日本国内からのご注文は下記よりお願いします。 ※postage included SkyDRONE original 5-inch racing frame. This SkyX KILLER is a true X frame of the whole body that was born by the top racers of TEAM SkyDRONE repeatedly testing and improving, pursuing air resistance, weight balance, strength, operability and design. It has achieved good results in numerous races including JDL (Japan Drone League), which is the top league of drone racing in Japan, and is used by many racers. It is also the only frame in Japan that can be used with the drone race simulator Velocidrone. ・Shipping country 【South America】 Argentina Uruguay Ecuador Guyana Columbia Suriname Chile Paraguay Falkland Islands (Malvinas Islands) French Guiana Brazil Venezuela Peru Bolivia 【Africa】 Ascension Algeria Angola Uganda Egypt Eswatini Ethiopia Eritrea Ghana Cape Verde Gabon Cameroon Gambia Guinea Guinea Visao Kenya Cote d'Ivoire Comoros Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Sao Tome Prisimpe Zambia Sierra Leone Djibouti Zimbabwe Sudan Seychelles Equatorial Guinea Senegal St. Helena Somalia Tanzania Chard Central Africa Tunisia Togo Tristan da Cunha Nigeria Namibia Niger Burkina Faso Burundi Benin Botswana Madagascar Malawi Mali Republic of South Africa South Sudan Mauritius Mauritania Mozambique Morocco Libya Liberia Rwanda Lesotho Reunion ※If you have any questions about shipping, please contact us using the contact form.