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HGLRC DJI Zeus F722 mini 3-6S FC Ver.BMI270 Gyro



HGLRC DJI Zeus F722 mini 3-6S Flight Controller/support terminal direct connections without soldering 1. You can connect quickly to the DJI Air Unit via the socket 2. The processor STM32F722 is used to operate more stably. 3. The GYRO BMI270 is used to improve the flight stability. 4. 8M black box is integrated to record flight data accurately. 5. Maximum output is up to BEC 9V1.5A / BEC 5V2A 6. TVS diode is added to reduce the damage of strong current to FC while crashing. Brand Name: HGLRC Product name: Zeus F722 mini FC Firmware: HGLRCF722 CPU: STM32F722 RET6 MPU: BMI270 Barometers: DPS310 BEC Output: 9V/1.5A,5V/2A Input voltage: 3-6S Lipo UARTS: 5 OSD: Support BlackBox: 8M Installing Hole: 20X20mm.M3 Size: 29x28mm Weight: 5g Package Includes: 1x Zeus F722 mini flight controller 1x Accessory pack